Heavy Metals – How to Avoid The Most Common Harmful Heavy Metals

By Wayne Gendel The Heavy Metals we are talking about here are not Music to Your Ears! These heavy metals are silent killers! Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic and Cadmium are the worst heavy metals we are exposed to in everyday life. Just mercury in our teeth is enough to put us over the FDA allowed […]

Whole Food Supplements Guidelines

Q: I wanted to know if I can use Perfect Food in lieu of taking all kinds of Vitamins and Minerals that might even be Synthetic. I was going to use a product called Daily Complete+, but decided not to because it does not have a high Spirulina content. If there are any other products […]

Dental Mercury Detox Solutions

From: ingrid@rogers.com Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 8:11 AM To: wayne@foreverhealthy.net Subject: info Q: Hi Wayne, We met at last year’s Yes to Life weekend at the Living Centre in London. Your presentation was excellent. I recall your mentioning something to take when you have mercury fillings removed. I am now doing that – about […]

Cholesterol and Fat Types

Q: Dear Wayne, I just wanted to say that there was one confusion in your FAQ for the question: “Isn’t using avocado regularly too much fat – the high cholesterol stuff!“. In the last paragraph of the answer, are you saying coconuts are the unsaturated fats that decrease metabolic rate or saturated fats? Please, e-mail […]

VACCINES – Are They Worth The Price?

By Virginia Pumphrey R.H.N., R.N.C.P, Forever Healthy Product Manager Edited by Wayne Gendel Do you want these foreign materials in your blood stream? Heavy metals; mercury and aluminum Pus form sores of diseased animals Horse Serum, Calf Serum, Fecal Matter, Urine, Macerated Cancer Cells, Sweepings from diseased children Formaldehyde (a carcinogen – a known cancer-causing […]


by Wayne Gendel May 2003 LONGEVITY Is Associated with Drinking Mineralized Oxygen Rich Natural Pure ‘Living’ Water! But! Premature Aging Comes From Drinking Distilled &/Or Non Filtered & Polluted Dead Waters! Like a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, a good glass of water is pure, clean and alive! It is refreshing and satisfying. Drinking water is […]

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Educate yourself before you make a decision!

by Wayne Gendel This has been a very controversial theme in the health world for quite a while. There are many important facts to consider before making a well educated decision, because believe me you don’t want to blindly follow the crowd to only realize later that you have been fooled, and it cost you […]

LIVER & GALL BLADDER SPRING CLEANSING Brings Vitality & Rejuvenation to Mind & Body

Walter “Shantree” Kacera, D.N., Ph.D., The Living Arts Institute As the days gradually become longer and warmer, and we prepare for the increased activities of spring, our bodies respond by mobilizing the eliminative organs to detox the accumulated waste of winter. While the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin all play a major role in this […]


‘Living’ Celtic Sea Salt Living Electrolytes, Mineral Rich! Part 2 of  3 Most’ “sea salt” is essentially the same as regular table salt – it is a refined salt. The term “sea salt” means that the salt was derived from sea water. In almost all cases, it is totally refined. Furthermore most sea salts are: […]