Wayne’s Raw Beginnings

wayneWayne’s Raw Beginnings

I was introduced to healthy eating by my brother when I was 15 years old. Six months earlier my parents had separated and even though my father was a great cook, he was not in the mood to cook, so soon after the divorce, I was not eating healthy. It got to the point that for one month I started to take aspirin everyday in the morning knowing I was going to have a headache!

Looking back it was easy to understand why I was having headaches – I was eating from the 4 food groups! Sugar, pizza, salt and frozen. Well, my brother handed me a book called “The Shocking Truth About Water” by an author named Paul Bragg. When I read how this man unfortunately passed away, I was impressed. What really blew me away was the age he passed away – 92, and he died surfing!

When I was reading Paul Braggs book, I could just feel his enthusiasm and passion and I thought to myself, wow, eat what nature intended us to eat. Fruits and vegetables. Feel lots of energy! No sickness!

Animals eat their natural diet. Man eats over processed dead foods. Wild animals live their natural life span. Modern man is in a sickness pandemic! Paul Bragg overcame sickness eating fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. I was actually quite shocked! And I thought, hmmm, hey how come nobody told me this in school? Ok I have to try this fresh raw healthy food and see what happens.

So after 30 days eating lots of veggies and fruits, I was feeling like superman! I had more energy, felt happier, more positive! I did not crave sugar and pizza! Had no more headaches, no body odor! Felt so strong, was thinking clearer!

Well, that was the beginning of what became new awareness. After many years eating healthy and taking vitamins I wanted to take my knowledge to the next level. At age 25 I started to read about a health institute in Boston run by a man named Viktoras Kulvinskas and Ann Wigmore, called the Hippocrates Health Institute. When I read “Survival in the 21st Century”, I thought wow is this guy far out! Talking about yoga and super human raw foodists, and the color of foods and their energies! And breatharians, people who live off air!

Viktoras sounded like a man from another planet! But instinctively I knew he was right. The incredible powers of our minds and bodies was far more than school ever taught us! Then I heard him lecturing and could feel he “practiced what he preached.” Then I read Ann Wigmore’s book “Be Your Own Doctor”. She talked about how her mother used foods and grasses to heal wounded soldiers in the war time. She also had to go back to nature after getting very ill at middle age. How to follow your intuition and eat naturally to live healthy. So I went to the Hippocrates Institute and did a work study. Watching ill people come in weekly and living on healthy raw foods. And in 1-2 weeks making dramatic changes, and changing their lives around!

Since then I have made helping people and offering the best I have to offer, my passion – ending unnecessary suffering and empowering people to live long healthy joy-filled lives! I love learning, researching, finding what drives people, how to get motivated to do whatever our hearts desire! And search out long lived people and the healthiest cultures around the world!

One of my favorite quotes is “Learning is Knowledge, Action is Wisdom”. So follow your heart! Aim for joy in the moment! And Just Do It!


Wayne Gendel