Pricing Policy


How To Purchase From The Internet, Cross Border Shop and Karmically Support Business!

The internet’s world wide web has been an amazing creation of information and

convenience. Unfortunately, the internet has occasionally created the illusion of misleading pricing practices.

Some clients inform us they found a lower price on the internet. After careful research, Forever Healthy recommends the following suggestions in dealing with internet companies to ensure you get an honest, fair, legitimate price and warranty coverage.


    a. Avoid illegally and unethically advertised products at a low price in violation of the internet website agreements of the product they are representing. Please check and we appreciate if you report to us and to the manufacturers!
    b. Confirm they are an authorized dealer.
    c. Confirm the company is actually located in North America or the country you are purchasing from unless the product is not available in your country.
    d. Confirm a phone number for the company and if in doubt, make sure the phone number works and you can actually talk to the website business. * Forever Healthy will NOT do business with any company that does not have a phone number, and we have confirmed talking to a real ‘live’ person.
    e. Manufacturers will not honor the warranty if sold by an unauthorized dealer or a website business that sold at a lower price as per manufacturers contracts/agreements.

Unfortunately, it prevents the honest sellers from making a living abiding by contracted manufacturers agreements. We all have to be “Buyers Beware”.


What would you think if you have the rights and contract to sell a product, then some pop up internet business who just sells product, lists at a much lower price to your client who you introduced and educated about the product, and they call to tell you they already bought the product from someone else!?

May we suggest 3 scenarios to this question.

1. At least give the person who spent time introducing you to the product, a chance to discuss their pricing.
2. Provide the website name and phone number to the original person you were who introduced you to the product, so it can be confirmed they are real and abiding by the manufacturers agreements to legally and ethically sell the product at a fair price.
3. We hope you agree, as do our clients, but we feel it’s unethical and bad karma to just purchase for price alone. We suggest supporting the person who introduced you to the product and took their professional time to carry the item, inform and educate you about the product, and are in honor of the agreements of the products they support. * For example, is it not the same as you taking the time as a real estate agent and then going to another agent because they will sell at a lower commission? Even real estate agents have exclusive listing contracts.


1. Many Canadian and U.S. clients feel they save a few dollars purchasing out of the country. Please be aware that on many products, especially electronics, that manufacturers will not honor warranty or repairs if they are not bought in the country you live, such as electronic pda organizers, cameras, cell phones …Some products are specially customized for the country you buy them in. A good way to know this is to visit both countries’ websites. Even though the product seems the same, the model numbers are often different. Check with the manufacturer to assure your product is covered by warranty and that it can be fixed in the country you live. Please, Buyers Beware!
2. TRUE COSTS! Although a price might be lower than the actual exchange rate of the country you live in, remember there are additional customs costs in Canada and the United States.

    1. More expensive shipping costs shipping over border.
    2. Customs Broker Costs – can average from $25 -$70 or more, to allow a product into the country as a customs broker is assigned either automatically or by choice. For example, if you ship UPS, they will call you and ask you if you will allow them to be your customs broker. They often charge double what our customs broker charges.
    3. Approval Codes on all products that can reduce your duty or even eliminate it. Believe me, shippers do NOT take the time to look them up for you. We have literally saved thousands on orders by having a special customs broker work for us.
    4. Duty – an extra amount added to the product because it is not made in North America.
    5. Taxes Provincial/State and/or duty taxes
    6. CUSTOMS DELAYS In Canada, approximately every 100 shipments coming into the country are stopped and/or held for inspection. Customs will also hold any items that are priced suspiciously low or have improper paperwork. Shipments can be held at the border for days or even weeks! If your product is refused, it can be days or weeks for products to be returned to the shipper and even longer for you to get your money returned! Forever Healthy had an item we returned to the U.S. and it was not only refused by the FDA/U.S. customs, but customs actually threw the product away! Forever Healthy lost over $400!

When Forever Healthy purchases by the pallet and gets the order delivered by truck, we can offer the product at the same or often even lower prices than buying from United States. The bottom line, buy locally as much as possible. It’s often not worth the extra time and extra costs!


Forever Healthy supplies some of the most well known Health Practitioners, Health Stores and Health Centres in North America! All of them we sell to, honor our sincere business relationship. If we introduce and educate them on a product, they buy from us! Negotiating the price is as simple as them asking us for our best price. We always do and the deal is done! I have found that no matter what kind of shopping I do, I just simply ask 1 time, “what is your best price.” I do not ‘haggle’ as I find after being in business for 15 years, that haggling with someone on new products (used products is the only time to haggle, but not new items as the person is making a living) is like asking them to lower their income! We ALL deserve to make a living! If we all honor each others efforts, the good karma will come back to you.

By Supporting Forever Healthy You Support

1. Our award winning, labor intensive website to exist.
2. Myself and our staff the time to write our email e-newsletters to educate you in depth about living forever healthy.
3. To continue to bring ‘new’, exciting, ultra high quality products to Canada and United States and the world. 4. Support Canadian, U.S. and/or your local businesses! 5. We will only sell you products we are authorized to sell you.

We ask you kindly, to consider as our client or future client, to please think of the long term, by supporting someone who sincerely cares about bringing you great, honest, top quality health products!

Forever Healthy exists today because of your continued support. For which we thank you and sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

Please feel free to share this ‘honor pricing policy’ with other companies and individuals, as it benefits us all!

Cheers to Living Forever Healthy!

Wayne Gendel
President, Life Extension Specialist