Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar and the Cinnamon Solution!

by Wayne Gendel August 2001

Do you get low energy in-between meals?
Do you have a dip in your fuel tank at midday?

Great results have been experienced by diabetics and people with low blood sugar with taking one quarter to one full teaspoon of cinnamon daily.

The Agricultural Research Unit in Maryland published the results of this study in the “New Scientist” in August 2000. The researchers found that cinnamon rekindled the ability of fat cells in diabetics to respond to insulin and greatly increased glucose removal. It is believed that a substance in cinnamon called MHCP is the main reason for its beneficial actions.

Cinnamon is also a rich source of magnesium, which is essential for maintaining bone density, electrolyte balance, certain enzyme functions and many other crucial biochemical processes. Magnesium is also linked to the more dramatic forms of diabetes that occur earlier in life.

Powdered cinnamon is inexpensive so I recommend organic by either Fronteir Herbs or Star West. Take it with fruits or other foods, or in raw nut/seed milks and shakes. (Look for a simple recipe in this (August 15) issue of our E-Letter).

I have found from research and fellow colleges that it can take one day to two years to regain a good functioning pancreas to the point of complete elimination of insulin treatment. I have attained very good success with clients usually within three weeks with diet and herbs.

Diabetics should always consult with a professional health practitioner before undergoing any treatment or therapy.