Gluten or Not Gluten?

By Wayne Gendel

According to the results of a small new study, some people may experience migraine headaches from eating wheat. The investigators found that limiting gluten – a protein found in wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt reduced symptoms of severe headache in seven out of nine patients.

How about eliminating depression!

Gluten is a sticky “gluey” property of grains. The substance prevents absorption of certain minerals such as calcium and zinc. There are 5 grains that we recommend on the Forever Healthy program that are healthier alternatives to the man altered, hyberdized common grains of today. Millet, amaranth, quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) brown rice and teff – a great substitute for oatmeal!

When one eliminates gluten in the diet, digestion improves, bloating begins to disappear, bowel movements become more regular and even depressions are eliminated! I have helped many clients just by making this one great improvement – eliminating gluten in their diets. There are gluten-free great breads, pastas, chips…. that are delicious! In our Healthy Kitchen and Cooking in the Raw food tasting lectures we serve a delicious cracker bread that is 100%+ more nutritious than regular grain crackers and breads. For a great transition to healthier breads, please try our Super Sprout Spelt Bread. Virtually no gluten, because it is sprouted!

The digestive tract begins to heal within days of eliminating gluten from our diets. Eating man altered high gluten grains can, not only cause deficiencies, but constipation and allergic reactions. In our Healthy Kitchen lecture we show you how to cook rice in only 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes and even make it 50% more nutritious by soaking several hours before cooking.

Super charge your grains!