natural sunscreenDo you know about what ingredients are in your sunscreen and do they themselves present their own set of health issues?

It’s time to enjoy the sun especially after such a long winter. Our bodies need sun as it produces Vitamin D which is a huge component to our overall health. It promotes healthy teeth and strong bones, enhances muscle strength, promote optimal cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels, just to name a few. More

The natural sun’s potential to harm us has been grossly exaggerated.

Safe sunlight exposure has also been shown to protect against as many as sixteen different types of cancer, including breast, colon, endometrial, esophageal, ovarian, bladder, gallbladder, gastric, pancreatic, prostate, rectal, and renal cancers, as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (Dr. Mercola).

So, if you have to or want to be in the sun for longer times or don’t where the proper sun gear or where you can’t gradually prepare yourself for a lot of sun exposure then sunscreen is obviously important.

The main chemical used in sunscreens to filter out ultraviolet B light is octyl methoxycinnamate. OMC for short. OMC was found to kill mouse cells even at low doses.  Plus, it was also shown to be particularly toxic when exposed to sunshine. And guess what? OMC is present in 90 percent of sunscreen brands (Dr. Mercola)!

Other chemicals to be aware of are; butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, para amino benzoic acid, menthyl anthranilate, dioxybenzone, oxybenzone… just to name a few. Some of these chemicals produce some of the highest amounts of free radicals!

Fortunately, there’s a much better option than chemical-laden commercial sunscreens made.

  • Beneficial and healthy for the skin!
  • OMC (octyl methoxycinnamate), Chemical Fragrances and Paraban Free!
  • Ingredients: Sunflower oil, lecithin, cococut oil, glycerine, jojoba oil, vitamin e, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, green tea, titanium dioxide (6%), and Zinc Oxide (6%)
  • SPF 30!