PREBIOTICS – Colon Health’s Missing Link

by Wayne Gendel


A prebiotic is a non-digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host (you and me) by assisting the growth of “friendly” (good) bacteria in the intestinal tract. FructoOligoSaccharides (FOS) and Inulin are to the colon what good fertilizer is to the soil in a vegetable garden. The soil needs good fertilizer to grow the most nutritious vegetables. In the same way our colons need good fertilizer to help the good natural bacteria in our digestive tracts thrive. FOS (FructoOligoSaccharides) are in many whole foods and can help good bacteria in our colon grow and work at helping to break down and make the most of our foods.

The FDA allows the following claims for prebiotics:

  • “helps promote the growth of bifida bacteria”
  • “helps promote healthy digestion”
  • “helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels”


Steroids and steroid medications, birth control pills, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), antibiotics, excess (very minimal occasional intake is ok) of low fiber foods (meats, white flour, dairy…) and a lack of raw foods can deplete our natural colon bacteria such as acidophilus (the main good bacteria in the small colon) and bifidus (the main good bacteria in the large colon). Another less obvious source would be chronic stress.


35,000 foods contain inulin. Both raw human and cow’s milk does contain some naturally occurring FructoOligoSaccharides. FOS are also found in small amounts in many foods. Higher Inulin is naturally found in the following foods:

  • Chicory root
  • Dandelion root
  • Burdock root
  • Jerusalem artichoke / Artichokes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Asparagus
  • Raisins
  • Prunes

Some naturally occurring sugars in those foods assist the growth of good bacteria and prevent harmful bacteria from taking over our colons. Together inulin and FOS can increase the good colon bacteria 5 to 10 times in volume. Inulin is a soluble fiber, so it is very beneficial on its on for maintaining normal bowel function, alleviating constipation, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels and helping to normalize blood sugar levels.


90% of clients I have seen in the last 14 years have had less than 2 or 3 bowel movements a day. Ideally 1 bowel movement per meal is proper colon function! This is how animals in the wild and healthy babies and adults function. I have had clients with only 1 bowel movement a week, some with only 1 per month! If one consumed 3 meals a day and only had 2 bowel movements a day, that would work out to 21 meals a week and only 14 bowel movements a week. How long do you think our bodies can function normally not eliminating 7 meals a week? This is the average person’ s body function.

Constipated Colon equals low energy, body odor, aches, pains, poor immunity, poor skin. The goal is to get the bowel functioning properly for higher energy and lots of smiles.


Everyone can benefit from more fiber in his or her diet. It is extra helpful for those with high blood sugar or people battling diabetes. Inulin doesn’t raise blood sugar, or require insulin to metabolize it. Including more fiber and inulin in our diets can increase the absorption and utilization of minerals up to 18% or more. 75% Raw Foods rich in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables will virtually assure that you will allow for plenty of good health colon bacteria and avoid constipation.

From studying health, diet and nutrition for almost 30 years, I conclude and mention often, that most autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and others, all have a link to diets low in quality fiber.
Lack of fiber lowers good colon bacteria and causes more then just constipation, while the constipation indirectly contributes to virtually 90% of most peoples’ ill health. Over 50% of our immune system is in the colon and liver alone.

A combination of good fiber from Inulin and good probiotics such as GeneFlora (a Forever Healthy exclusive pro and pre-biotic combination, please call for details) or acidophilus, or bifidus or multi combination probiotics, will assist your colon in staying regular, absorbing all the foods nutrients you consume and making sure you avoid constipation by having regular bowel movement 2-3 times a day.

by Wayne Gendel