By Wayne Gendel


  1. Antibiotic therapy
  2. Steroid medications
  3. Over the counter medications
  4. Birth control pills
  5. HRT – Hormone replacement therapy for women. Inevitably anybody I have ever consulted who has taken this therapy for menopause, ends up with bad constipation!
  6. Low fiber diet. Estimated at over 95% of the industrialized world’s major health problems! Major reason for high incidence of disease and shorter than normal life span in modern culture!
  7. Radiation therapy
  8. X-rays
  9. Chlorinated water
  10. Overeating, especially white flour and refined sugars
  11. Excess long term emotional stress
  12. Herbal and food antibiotics such as echinacea, garlic and goldenseal.

Beneficial Probiotic Diet

  • Lots of raw vegetables!
  • Low fruit diet to start.
  • Small amounts of healthy raw fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut.

Symptoms of a Healthy Colon

  • A 1:1 ratio of meals to bowel movements
  • Minimal gas, No bloating
  • Lightly tan colored stools
  • A feeling of completely emptying your colon after bowel movements
  • Good sized stools at least 6 + inches in length and 2” in diameter
  • Minimal odor

Foods For Optimum Digestive Bacteria!
Please see April 1 2004 Vibrant Health Now E-letter for food combining rules!

Many people need to be aware of how certain herbs are powerful antibiotics and can deplete bowel flora when consumed on a regular basis. Save them for occasional treats and for times when you really need them to help overcome a health crisis! Remember many natural spices and herbs were used in historical times for their food preservative qualities. Herbal and spice type antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria as they are not able to distinguish between beneficial and harmful bacterias. Garlic and onions in their raw state act like antibiotics and will kill bacteria in your digestive system.

The following herbs and spices are known for their antibacterial and/or preservative properties: allspice, anise seed, cinnamon, cumin, capsicum/cayenne, celery seed, ginger, oregano, black pepper, salt (including soy sauce, tamari…) thyme, tarragon. Please note: sea vegetables/sea weeds are fine if they are rinsed off of the natural sea salt on them.

Wayne’s Last Words

Simply put….lack of good healthy colon bacteria can lead to = DISEASE or POOR HEALTH. I always address bowel movements with clients as the #1 priority! Get the bowels moving and then the body is addressing the #1 obstacle at progressing toward great health! Please remember probiotics are wonderful for using if you know you are going to eat a ‘reward’ or less than normal healthy meal, have to take antibiotics, or your colon is not functioning normally. Probiotics can be safely taken long term as they do get conditioned to using in your body. So please get your colon moving and functioning properly to get your immune system moving toward great health!

Highly recommended reading on healthy colon function:

Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen
Colon Health by Norman Walker

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Please Live Forever Healthy!

Wayne Gende