SUNGLASSES – The Right Light

by Wayne Gendel

Interesting how most people put on dark gray/black lens sunglasses! The dark color actually suppresses the immune system if worn for long periods. I have recommended clear or colored lenses for sunglasses for years! I wear clear for biking and a medium blue for the odd time when I am driving. Not only do they work at cutting out the glare, but they feel uplifting! Our eyes let in sunshine through the pupil in our eyes which stimulates our glandular system. Wearing dark gray or black lenses is not only depressing but unnatural and suppressive to our immune systems!

Would you paint your walls dark gray? Other cultures never wear sunglasses and yet have no problem with there eyes! Poor diet and medications increase sensitivity to sunlight. Usually the only time sunglasses are needed is when driving or doing some activity where protection might be necessary. Color therapy is well recognized at helping to boost our mood and our immune system. Colors can be health specific to boost our mood and stimulate our immunity.

If you are sensitive to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or just want the most from your immune system and to feel a lift, try a colored sunglass lens such as blue, yellow or even clear! Even clear lenses have 100% UV protection! Most sports stores have the colored and cleared lenses.

Try wearing colored lenses! Go for color or clear lenses and you will see bright and feel brighter!

Color Healthy Benefits in Color Therapy

Red: Sexual organs, testes, vagina, legs, tailbone, feet
Orange: Spleen, blood, adrenals, ovaries, uterus, kidney, urinary tract
Yellow: Pancreas, stomach, liver, small intestines, blood sugar, digestion
Green: Heart, blood pressure, allergies, lymph, immune system
Blue: thyroid, para-thyroid, neck, ears, respiratory, colds, sinus, allergies
Purple/Indigo: pituitary, hypothalamus, eyes, autonom nervous system
Violet: pineal gland, hair, head, central nervous system

Please Live Forever Healthy!