Q: Kelly Tuesday, August 24, 2004 11:31 PM
Subject: Many different types of supplements

Hi Wayne,
How have you been?
I have a question for someone I know. He is in mid-50’s. He is not vegetarian or raw fooder. He is health-conscious, eats healthy, regularly gets exercises. He has discomfort time to time due to the enlarged prostate. He sometimes gets stressed out that he can’t sleep well.

He is so health-conscious that he takes so many different types of supplements: multi-vitamin, vitamin C, calcium (with magnesium and vitamin D), selenium, probiotic, melatonin, spirulina, tribulus, etc. I forget what other supplements he takes.
I am just little worried that he may take too many different types of supplements.

Does this seem to be too many? Have you seen someone like him? What may be the negative effect of taking too many supplements?
Please, e-mail me back.
Thank you. 🙂

A: Kelly, great to hear from you, you always have great questions!

  1. Enlarged prostate can result from excess xeno-estrogens from plastics, skin care, hair care, lotions, cologne… He must eliminate these sources ASAP!
  2. Your friend looks like he is taking synthetic vitamins that have fillers and chemicals, and I highly recommend he eliminate them. Continued use of too many supplements will be stressful on the liver, especially since they are not natural source products. Only whole food vitamins from MegaFood ® DailyFoods ® or Vita Synergy are the best in the world! Of course whole foods such as quality spirulina… I highly suggest he get off Melatonin ASAP! Again that is a synthetic concentrate and not a cure to a problem, but dangerous when taken long term! I would like to know the brand of vitamins he is taking, but likely can assure you that only a few brands in the world that I have ever found are truly whole foods and worth taking!
  3. As well colon health is crucial! Constipated colon can be impacted and put pressure on the spine, prostate and other organs! Many cultures around the world do not get prostate problems. Your friend must take a multi faceted approach to the prostate.
  4. Diet. Fresh Squeezed Juice therapy, lots of raw veggies, and of course a proper ratio of fruits, veggies, healthy fats and protein. Too much acidic, cooked food will usually aggravate the condition.

Allergy medications have also been linked to many men having prostate problems!
I would recommend 5 Supplements, that will help out with prostate fast and effectively! 4 of the 5 following products I would use with almost all clients with sever immune system problems or cancer.

1. Immuno Care
2. Ellagic Acid
3. Intenzyme Forte digestive enzymes – the best in the world used by the best German cancer clinics in the world!
4. SAW PALMETTO – directly for prostate. I recommend SHAWLAHerbs. 5. Manna-Tech Ambrotose – powerful immune system booster. Please Call for details.

Please Live Forever Healthy!