Whole Food Supplements Guidelines

Q: I wanted to know if I can use Perfect Food in lieu of taking all kinds of Vitamins and Minerals that might even be Synthetic. I was going to use a product called Daily Complete+, but decided not to because it does not have a high Spirulina content. If there are any other products to combine with Perfect Food, which one would be best, or is it just fine to take alone? Thank you. John

A: My recommendation for substituting synthetic vitamins is the following. I do recommend Perfect Food, Pure Planet Spirulina and Chlorella, Green Kamut, Just Barley and Pure Synergy.

These are some of the top, 100% whole food, GREEN Super Foods products. Synthetic vitamins do NOT give one good health! You cannot synthetically boost your immune system without side effects. You can however feed it naturally with concentrated proven whole foods. Even if one is eating organic whole foods diet with a balance of 20-50% fruits, 20% healthy raw fats and 30-70% veggies, relatively free of grains, unless you live where the produce is falling off the trees, I still find that consuming the micronutrients from WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS mentioned, is a wise addition to a total health program. I think all WHOLE FOODS supplements I have mentioned can be broken down into 5 categories:

Spirulina, Chlorella, Just Barley, Green Kamut.
Therapeutic use: best results can be attained by taking 1-3x dialy for up to 3 months.
Maintenance use: 1x daily 3-7x a week.

Perfect Food, Amla C, Pure Synergy, Living Multi, Vita Synergy for Women and Men, Super Seed.
Therapeutic use: 1-3x daily 1-3 months.
Maintenance use: take 1-3x a day, 1-3x annually for 1-2 months.
Many contain herbs and/or a variety of whole foods. The concept here is that the body should get a variety of nutrients and an occasional break from taking the same super foods on a regular basis. A large variety of foods in one supplement is something the body can get used to and begin to develop sensitivities. Rotate these by doing 1-3 months at a time then taking a break for 1-4 months.

I recommend taking for a few days to a few months depending on the herb. Most Herbs are medicinal. If taken regularly, the body gets conditioned and either side effects or weakening of the immune system can occur. Remember, herbs are meant to assist in correcting a problem, not as long term foods! Examples: Echinacea is recommended for 2 weeks at a time then take a break. Ginseng, although recommended for long term use, side effects may occur! Aim to correct the root problem and use herbs occasionally for short term of 3 months or less at a time. Always see a health care professional!

a. Natural
RevivAll, RevivAll Women, RevivAll Men, Primal Defense, Nature’s Biotics.
Therapuetic use: 1-4 months at a time
Maintenance use: 1-3x annually for 1-2 months.

b. Synthetic
Multi or singular isolated vitamins. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE unless you’re dying and nothing else is working! That is likely 99% NOT going to happen, it is a very rare case when natural supplements do not work or a person is so sensitive/allergic to virtually everything that only synthetic agreed.

Use when desired for enhanced performance. Clear Energy excellent for physical and mental performance. Plant Digestive Enzymes can be taken whenever you’re eating more than 20% of a meal of cooked foods. Fruits of Life contains Certified Organic Rich Fruit Extracts abundant with Antioxidants and therefore is a strong Free Radicals fighter, more potent than Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, and Pycnogenol! Immuno Care and RevivAll are immune system boosters, from Aids to Hepatitis, from Arthritis to Cancer.


It is always best to rotate supplements! This helps to avoid getting sensitivities and becoming conditioned to a product, at the same time assuring a wide range of nutrients to avoid deficiencies.

I suggest rotating by taking Perfect Food for 1 month, then Spirulina 1 month, then Chlorella, then Just Barley, then Green Kamut, then Pure Synergy and then Amla C! This not only makes it affordable but also provides good insurance by getting wide range of nutrients!

1-2x a year Nature’s Biotics/Primal Defense and RevivAll to cleanse and boost the system! Super Seed – a Balanced Source of Soluble and Insoluble Fiber for improved bowel regularity. Assists in the Excretion of Toxins and Heavy Metals.

Take Maximizer or Omega-ZYME enzymes whenever you eat more than normal amounts of cooked foods.

Take Vegan Flora regularly for maximum food assimilation and great bowel health. 80-90% of most illnesses are due to constipation and compromised bowel! Vegan Flora is the exception to the rule as the body can not get conditioned to it.

Use products for any acute conditions or to enhance your performance as needed. Please take breaks!

These are the best insurance for great health. Some examples are as follows. Coconut Oil – raw and organic, rich in natural lauric acid and essential fatty acids. Tastes delicious! Women go wild using it topically for soft clear radiant skin! Black Sesame Tahini is used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to help cleanse the blood, strengthen the kidneys and supply more calcium than regular sesame seeds! More food items here.