Vegetable Tea

These are simple, highly nutritious and delicious breakfast recipes. Please use them according to regional and seasonal availability, and rotate them. Although we entirely support the living food diet we realize that it may be difficult for many people to switch to it immediately. Therefore we also list transitional recipes that are more familiar, easy to implement, and will put you on a fast track to vibrant health.

Vegetable Tea | Energy Brownies | Hemp Milk

• 1 onion
• 2-4 Tbls of Onion Magic and/or Braggs Liquid Aminos, and/or Bernard Jensens Quick Sip, and/or Bernard Jensens Broth Mix
• dash of cayenne pepper, herbs
• lemon
• optional vegetables: cabbage, asparagus, spinach, kale, sea vegetables

Cut all veggies into small chunks, add 32 ounces of purified water and bring to boil. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and discard the veggies. Drink the broth! Eating overcooked veggies is very constipating, just drink the tea/broth! Will last up to 2 days refrigerated.

• soak sunflower seeds or almonds for 12 -24 hours at room temperture.
• blend in KTEC (please link) or high powered food processor
• for every 2 cups of seeds add 2 heaping tablespoons of carob powder, 1 tablespoon raw honey and 1-2 cups of pure water to desired thickness. We recommend pudding consistency.
Optional ingredients (per 2 cups soaked seeds):
• 1-2 bananas or sub acid fruit (berries, peaches, mango, grapes …)
• cinnamon to taste After blending put on American Harvest dehydrator for 24 – 36 hours at 115F. Wait until thoroughly dehydrated and crunchy like a cookie. Will store at room temperature for 1 or 2 years in a vacuum sealed jar! Because seeds are pre-soaked, they are much easier to digest, so this makes a great healthy snack! ENJOY! If you have no time to make them yourself, please try ordering our RAW BROWNIES or FLAX SNAX by phone.

416-962-4400 in Toronto or 866-962-4400 Toll Free.

They are Delicious! Bon Appetit!

HEMP MILK (Non-Dairy beverage)

• 2 cups filtered water
• 1 tbsp. Maple syrup or a few drops Stevia

Turn blender on, lift lid and add hemp nut until desired consistency is reached. This recipe courtesy of Living Harvest Hemp Company Hemp Nut product page ALL INGREDIENTS SHOULD BE ORGANIC AND RAW FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH. For more super healthy, vibrant living food recipes see our Healthy Kitchen and Cooking in the RAW Manuals. Want to stay on top of your health? Subscribe to our free e-letter!